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Buying Information

Q : How do I buy from ?


Q : Do I need to register with to make a purchase?


Q : Who is ipay88 or


Q: What is shipping weight ?


Q: Is the price listed in the website include postage/shipping fee?


Q : Can I change or cancel my order?


Q: Can I return an item after it is delivered to me?


Q: When I select on the button "Credit Card Payment", nothing happens after that. Or if you experience difficulty in paying using credit card?


Q : Does accept Cash on Delivery (COD)?


Q: How can I get free delivery when I buy from ?


Q : Does accept International Orders?


Q : I have a voucher code. How do i use my Gift Vouchers/ E-Cash Voucher?


Q : How long will will reserve/ hold the confirm order?


Q : What is Pre-order item?